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So, last night I watched the VH1 Big in '05 awards and overall, was not very much impressed. Good thing I DVR'd it and could skip through the boring parts (music) although, *Def Leppard was kinda fun* and rewind the best parts (Dog The Bounty Hunter doing anything, Bo Bice winning Big Reality humble & cute AND seeing Kaysar from Big Brother 5 (oh how I miss him!) singing that horrible reality star medley on stage). Unfortunately, I didn't have an "I want to go back in time and make it never have happened" button when Jessica Simpson came on stage to accept her "Big Stylin" award. Now you all know I love Jessica....and I love Nick Lachey...I'm just so torn between these two right now. One of the big reasons I wanted to watch the show was to see Jessica in her first big public appearance since her separation from Nick. Anyway, Ms. Jessica came on stage and it was just the most awkward moment ever! Obviously she was nervous, she was thanking all her style people, her mom Tina for teaching her to "match her scrunchies with her socks," but would also throw in one of her "I'm marblehead Jessica" lines here and there like, "am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling?" Then she gave a birthday shout out to her friend Cacee Cobb and went into the predictable 50 cent rant "It's your birthday!" The audience didn't really cheer for Cacee, I think they were all probably thinking, "why the hell did you move into their house when Nick and Jessica were newlyweds?! Three's a crowd lady!" As much as I hate to say it....I think it kinda fell flat. The crowd seemed to courtesy laugh her but in no way did she get the same type of reception as say, Nicole Kidman received after her and Tom broke up. So, I wonder...will we still love Jessica now that Nick's not by her side? Is the ex-virgin's reputation just too tarnished after her supposed dalliances with whore Johnny Knoxville and smelly Bam Margera? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling from the reception she received at the Big in '05 awards last night, that the power of "Mr. Lackey" was much underestimated by all.
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