Tabloid Whore!



Oh dear Mary Kate Olsen. She is still bummed out about her break up with that loser Stavros Niarchos! M to the K reveals in W Magazine that she was crushed when her ex boyfriend basically went out on her ass with Whore Hilton, kicking her to the curb. She tells W Magazine, "I miss him and I love him and I don't speak with him anymore. It's a hurtful and painful subject. I've pretty much been with someone my whole life, so this is a hard time for me."
Girl, c'mon now! Snap out of it! Did you not see the video of your ex Stavros crashing Paris's car with a coat over his head? Have you not heard the degrading story about him offering a homeless man money to pour soda on himself? What about the Hard Rock hotel room he trashed in Vegas? Not to mention, I wouldn't be surprised if he totally has The Herpes or some other crazy ass STD after the trash he's been dipping in! I know breaking up is hard, but this fellow was really a tool! You have had no shortages of boyfriends and another one will come along soon enough. In the meantime, you should probably learn that after everything you've been through, being alone for a bit can be the best thing for you.
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