Tabloid Whore!



Could there still be hope for Nick and Jessica? Well, if you believe In Touch Weekly there is! According to the magazine, Jessica's first week without Nick has been a extremely tough. Her friends are saying she is "on an emotional roller coaster. One minute, she didn't want to see Nick ever again; the next, she was sobbing that she misses him. "Nick is reportedly calling Jessica often because his friends say that "he wants her back." Oh how I wish I could believe this, but the fact that they have each reportedly hired high powered divorce attorneys doesn't help those who hope for a reconciliation between the two.

Good 'ol Papa Joe Simpson is speaking out, trying to dodge all the bullets being shot at him claiming he was a big reason for the couple's break-up. He told Inside Edition, "you never are prepared for things when dreams don't come true the way you want them to" and adds, "I will always love Nick." Liar, liar, pants on fire!!
Source: Fox News In Touch Weekly


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