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The peeps over at Star Magazine are saying that my girl Britney finally kicked Kevin "Cornrow" Federline to the curb after "The Weedman" (as Britney is said to call the fellow) showed up for Kevvin at their home in Malibu. Brit was said to be so pissed off that her security guards let this fool in the house that she allegedly fired them both for doing so. Fed up with Kevin's partying since the birth of their son Sean, Brit told Kevin to get the hell out, sending him to lick his wounds (or more likely, party with his boyz) at the Beverly Hills Hotel. First off, why not send Federline's ass packing to the Motel 6 instead? I don't think this is anything permanent. Britney and Kevin appear to be the type of couple that fight and then run off to hotels and then come home, make up and then start the whole vicious cycle all over again. Supposedly after the incident, Britney went out clubbing (isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?) at LAX where she allegedly was downing Red Bull and Grey Goose with yuckies Johnny Knoxville (is he EVER at home with his "wife?") and Steve-O from that stupid show Jackass.
Britney, honey chile, you know I love you, but what the hell are you doing going to clubs??? You dissapoint me! You have a baby now, stay home and take care of him! You can't blame Kevin if you are caught doing the same thing. Quit letting that boy make you so white trash! Also, girl, I hope you aren't breast feeding, drinking that Red Bull & Vodka ....hello?!
Source: Rush & Malloy


Blogger lips said...

I've been missing my US Weekly and People since moving to London... the trashy UK mags just don't compare ... but, then I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you!!! You're my new cuppa tea in the morning :)


2:21 PM, December 02, 2005  

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