Tabloid Whore!



Sounds like Jessica Alba's ego is getting a tad too big for her britches. Page Six reports that Jessica attended some hot bitch shin dig recently and when the party promoter for said hot bitch shin dig asked her if she would take a photograph with him, she allegedly blew him off big time. When he told her that Madonna, Selma Blair & Hilary Duff had no problem posing with him, she allegedly told him she didn't care and walked away, leaving one of her friends to say, "sorry, she's a bitch." Um, that's for sure. Hey, may have all your big movies, your little "Cash" boyfriend and yes, you are hot as shit, but...pretty girls are a lot prettier when they are nice too. Although, we may be too harsh concerning the incident. You can see, Jessica had no problem posing for pictures with sick children recently, while promoting her upcoming new movie "Awake" with Hayden Christensen.
Source: Page Six
Photos: JJB


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