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Yesterday I read this story on popdirt that said Kevin Federline spoke to a reporter from some German magazine called Bild and allegedly said all kinds of crap about Britney, her mom and the fact that he has contacted lawyers to protect himself if divorce were to happen. I thought the story sounded like bullshit, mostly because it came from a German newspaper and who the hell knows what kind of journalistic rules they have to follow when writing stories. Plus, I think we all learned our lesson about the reliability of quotes from foreign papers with the Debbie Rowe incident (Rowe was recently "quoted" in an Irish newspaper saying that Michael was not the biological father of his children. It ends up, she never made any such quotes.)
Well, just when Britney and Kevin seem to be patching things up, In Touch Weekly has jumped on the bandwagon of this German Kevin story saying Kevin would demand $125 million to get out of the marriage. I know, I know, In Touch Weekly is not that much more of a reliable source, but, I'm going to give them a lot more cred than a foreign rag. So, this is what they are basing it on, here's some of what Kevin allegedly said to Bild:
"She treated me badly, wouldn't let my friends into the house," Federline complained. "She and her mother tried to tell me how to live my life - I just can't let that happen. And I don't know a guy with self-respect who'd let himself be treated like that! I'm just supposed to be her little husband who jumps at every command." K-Fed also revealed he's met with a divorce lawyer, and is seeking over $130 million. "I don't like lawyers, but I need protection in a situation like this," Federline argued. "This is the situation I'm in: I'm homeless a couple of days before Christmas!"
What do you think? Made up or not? Someone on the ohnotheydidn't message boards had the patience to translate the interview, so now you can read it in its entirety and make up your own mind, here.
Spears' spokesperson Leslie Sloane has hit out at the report: "The story is untrue and hurtful and he didn't give them an interview. He and Britney are as normal as other couples, they fight and they make up. They are fine and happy." Source: Handbag


Anonymous Magda said...

i am from germany and i know that "BILD" most of the time tells lies! I donĀ“t like Kevin but "BILD" lies!

3:47 AM, December 14, 2005  

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