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Agghghghh! I am so pissed right now. Those damn jurors in the Robert Blake civil trial found my man Bobby Blake liable for the 2001 shooting death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. They ordered him to pay her white trash money grubbing scam artist family $30 million dollars. Unlike in his criminal trial (in which he was aquitted), the civil jury was not required to be unanimous. Nine votes were needed for a verdict. Ten of the 12 panelists agreed that Blake was liable, while nine of the 12 agreed with the $30 million sum. In an act that shows how much the verdict meant to Bakley's four children who were suing Blake, none of them were in court for the verdict. I'm sure they were too busy running to the bank trying to cash their check. Hey! Who cares that Lee Bonny was a scam artist white trash whore with a sex and porn racket that targeted old lonely men. Oh yah, she also took part in identity theft! This is a woman who's ex husband DeMart Besly a retired Montana Sheriff who fell victim to one of her cons described Bakley as someone who would "fuck a snake if someone would hold its head." And jurors, who cares about the fact that there was a lack of physical evidence — fingerprints, DNA, gunshot residue, etc.....apparently not you guys.
I know I'm in the minority here regarding my opinion on Bobby and this whole case, but I don't care. Actually, If you look at the Court TV message boards, you'll see that there are a lot of fellow trial junkies that feel the same way I do. If you don't agree with me, just take a little look around this website dedicated to the Bakley murder, and read the facts. Then, we'll talk. Nancy Grace, I love ya, but quit the damn tap dancing you must be doing right now. Tonight, I'm going to Vitello's and having a big stinkin' glass of red wine in honor of my dear Robert Blake!
Source: Court TV


Anonymous O.J. said...

Sounds like double jeopardy to me. He should have been found not liable.

7:09 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous jpfl said...

Once again TW got it right- sweet Bobby did not deserve to be found guilty. This 'woman' was a double wide trailer on wheels, bilking men from coast to coast. Whoring around, stealing,and trapping men into marriage. There is a list from here to the moon of people she has pissed off in her lifetime.
The so called jurors should be held liable for their ignorant decision. Like TW said- NO dna, NO gun powder residue, NO fingerprints -NO Nothing. I wonder how much the Trash family is giving the jury for this.
I'm going to Vitello's and having the Bobby Blake special -see you there Tabloid Whore!!!!

7:43 PM, November 18, 2005  

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