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The National Enquirer has exclusive photos of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel room that was trashed (causing up to $100,000 in damage) by Paris Hilton's boyfriend Stavros Niarchos and pals after engaging in a pillow fight that also involved throwing tables! The group was in town last weekend celebrating Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday.

Around 7:30am, hotel room sprinklers went off when one of the tables in the room was apparently tossed into the air and hit the sprinkler head on the ceiling, setting off the fire alarm, as well as the sprinklers in several other rooms in the hotel. Even though hotel guests witnessed Stavros standing in the hallway with feathers in his hair after the incident, Hilton's spokesperson denies that Stavros was part of the destruction, blaming it instead on a Stavros doppleganger,
"The man at the center of this is someone else, who bears a striking resemblance to Stavros. When they go out clubbing together in Los Angeles he is frequently mistaken for Stavros. At the time of the shenanigans Stavros was asleep in bed with Paris." Because of all the damage, Stavros had to call his father to get the credit card charge okayed.

Paris is said to be pissed to high heaven at Stavros and ready to dump his sorry ass. She was overheard telling Kelly Osbourne, "Just look at this mess! I don't want them (The Hard Rock Hotel) to think I bring in people who do this stuff.'"
Photos/Source: The National Enquirer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How convenient that this piece of trash has a "doppelganger." Was he driving the car, too? Maybe this will be the new Hollywood PR trick to explain away bad behavior.

4:09 PM, November 18, 2005  

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