Tabloid Whore!



Would you be embarrassed if this jackass was your boyfriend?
Oh this one is a dooozy. Video cameras caught Paris Hilton, her skeezy boyfriend Stavros whatshisname Niarchos and Laguna Beach's Talan Torriero leaving club Element at 2:30am allegedly smashed, drunk, high as kites (either that or they're all just really big assholes.) Paris' idiot boyfriend gets behind the wheel of her Bentley and puts a jacket over his head to avoid the 'ratzis, pavarotti's (whatever you wanna call 'em) and slams on the accelerator hitting a truck in front of him. Then the asshole practically pulls a Lizzie Grubman and burns rubber almost running over people. They get pulled over by police and it appears no field sobriety test is done and the police let them go. On video, Talan claims to be the only one sober. Mind you, Talan was not the one behind the wheel when they were pulled over. The police let this Mother F*&#er Stavros go. It is unclear whether or not Talan drove the car afterwards. And idiot whore Paris says in her stupid fake voice "We love the police" as she blows them a kiss. It's so disgusting.
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