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Oh jeez. VH1 announced this week that there will be a second season of "My Fair Brady," which will include the televised wedding of cutie Chris "Peter Brady" Knight and "I've done nothing with my Top Model win except FHM" trailer park trash Adrianne Curry. I can't believe that poor Chris Knight is actually going to go through with marrying her. He seems like such a good guy, not to mention the fact I have never seen a man so forced into a proposal than he was with Adrianne. Pathetic. Hey, I can't blame him for dating her. She is a 23 year old woman interested in a 48 year old man and gives him an endless supply to getting his rocks off whenever he wants. But marriage? Knight should have run for the hills after the episode where he met Adrianne's even white trashier mother where she got all drunk, rude and sloppy. Or, how about when he got Adrianne that incredibly beautiful house with hardwood floors and instead of being excited that she had this awesome place to be independent in, she just kept whining, "NOOO! CHRISSSEEE NOOO!"
Regarding their upcoiming wedding, Knight released a statement saying that love had prevailed despite
"our individual quirks and flaws. We look forward to planning the rest of our lives together and continuing to embrace our differences on our way to the alter." Sure, but what's gonna happen when they are together for a couple years (that is if they make it that long) and are suddenly hit with the realization that there is a lot more to a relationship than Adrianne putting on her pleather and pulling out the spanking paddle?
Source: AP


Anonymous jpfl said...

Sweet baby jesus...say it isn't so..I love Chris...but he can not get married to the piece of trash. We all know it will never work....they are going INTO the marriage with so many problems. He deserves better.....perhaps me????

10:10 AM, November 27, 2005  

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