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Sometimes, I wish they'd lip sync.

What's better? Someone who lip syncs on stage and looks good, not to mention sounds like their record (ala Hilary Duff), or someone who doesn't lip sync but sounds embarrassingly horrible that you wonder how it is they even got a record deal? Tonight, Lindsay Lohan sang her new single "Daughter to Father" on the American Music Awards and I literally watched gasping with my hand over my mouth during her entire performance. After about 5 seconds of her singing the intro lyrics to her song, the background singers vocals suddenly shot up and you really couldn't even hear Lindsay's voice for the rest of the performance. Were the producers trying to fool some of us viewers into thinking that prominent vocal we heard was really Lindsay? Every once in a while her voice would pop in and it was just, SO, HORRIBLE. Plus, she had on these 6 inch heels and was stomping around like a freak. Lord help me....I know I have a weakness for Britney (at least she can dance her ass off) but c'mon, this was going too far.
P.S. Oh my God, I totally love that Keith Urban fellow. He is the first country boy I have ever wanted. What a hunk and his voice is nice and not all annoyingly twangy for country music. Nicole Kidman is a lucky, lucky lady.


Blogger JP said...

Did you happen to catch what Lindsay said at the end of her "performance"? I just heard her mumble some things, ending with "we did the best we could."

What kind of bizarre weird apology was she giving and what was going through her head?

1:49 AM, November 24, 2005  

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