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Seems like Nick Lachey might end up with millions after his divorce from Jessica Simpson. Looks like a pre-nup was not signed between the two before they got married. But get this, it was Jessica's mistake that might now cost her the big bucks. Nick, who had made some good cash when he was with his band "98 Degrees," allegedly had a pre-nup all drawn up and she, like many other women with dreams of a perfect marriage said, "Hell to the no! I'm not signing that!" So now, according to California law, good ol Mr. Lackey is entitled to 50% of all the money made during the marriage unless things are settled between them out of court. It is estimated that Jess earned $35 million in 2004 alone.
If this was a case like Tori Spelling's soon to be ex husband where he is asking for spousal support strictly because she is rich and he wants to ride on her financial wave as a means of revenge, I would say, "dude, you don't deserve a penny...go out and get a job." But with Lachey it's completely different. There is no question that Jessica would not have risen to fame the way she did if it were not for Nick. Before "Newlyweds," people didn't give a crap about Jessica Simpson. It was the two of them together, Nick and Jessica, and the popularity of their MTV show that skyrocketed her career. Who knows how this will turn out. Nick seems like a stand up guy and may have too much pride as a man to take money that wasn't directly involved with "Newlyweds." But, I still think that no matter what, Nick deserves every penny he gets and if the tables were turned, I would say the same thing about Jessica.
Source: TMZ


Blogger The Cybrarian said...

I agree about Nick. But Tori totally cuckolded that guy (whatever her ex's name was) in public with a married man, and they weren't even married for that long. Half of whatever was earned during the (was it even a year?) marriage seems reasonable. He's going to be known forever as the guy who Tori Spelling screwed around on.

2:15 PM, November 30, 2005  
Anonymous jpfl said...

I'm ordering my Team Lachey t-shirt today! What's kitson's number?

4:47 PM, November 30, 2005  

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