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Ok. So yesterday I posted something about Laguna Beach's Talan Torriero being engaged to creepy Kimberly Stewart, then an hour or so later I took it down in disgust. I am only writing this update because we do have Laguna Beach fans that visit here and I know they are concerned about dear Talan. So, this is what people are saying about the "engagement" cough, cough, err... publicity stunt.
The lovely Taylor from Laguna Beach is PISSED TO HIGH HEAVEN at Talan. Remember it was not so long ago that Talan was declaring his love for Taylor on the show saying how he could marry her, but then moved on to Kristin the next day...he is a fickle young man. Anyway, Taylor posted a little message on her myspace and it goes sumpin' like this:

"Anyone else think this is BS? Now that Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. is over, stars like Talan Torriero have more time to do things like record an album, audition for acting roles and, oh yeah, get married. Talan is reportedly engaged to Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart and Paris Hilton gal-pal. Talan and Kim were riding in the back seat of a recent highly publicized car accident that happened in Hilton's Bentley. I know that love in Hollywood is pure and lasts forever, but I wouldn't be holding my breath for an actual wedding quite yet. Talan is Kim Stewart's third fiance in just over a year. She was previously engaged to Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis and musician Cisco Adler. Speaking of breaking up, Paris and her Greek boyfriend may have split over a pillow fight."
Underneath a picture of Talan & Kimberly, Taylor also adds: "VOTE NO TO SKANKY ASS WHORES - I mean do you SEE the ROCK on her finger...freakin 5 carats... and after 2 months of dating... I CALL BS... SO a publicity stunt!"
We here at Tabloid Whore! love Taylor cuz she's a fellow good girl. Also, according to the New York Post, Talan's mom is horrified about her son's quickie engagement, "Talan's mother is hysterically crying. She is not happy," said a source. "They are getting their paperwork together to get married in Vegas this weekend. They want to do it right away."
So, good ol boy Talan has sure been getting his publicity of late. First he's involved in that stupid car incident with whore Hilton and now he is engaged to her current BFF. Note to Talan: doing shit like this and hanging around these type of people (instead of your old Laguna buddies) isn't going to get the girls to buy your record. Wake up.


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