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USA TODAY recently asked Nicole Kidman how she felt about ex-husband Tom Cruise's public overzealous love fest for his new girlie Katie Holmes. This is the first time Nicole has spoke publicly about the situation and classy as ever, said the following:
"When you've been in a relationship with someone, and you move on, you wish them happiness. You hope they find everything they are looking for. Particularly when you have children. You need to be a grownup. You cannot be saying to your kids, 'You have to parent me.' You have to parent them. Luckily, we have managed to move our lives to a whole different place. Life's too short. You have to wish each other well, and that is what I say with absolute sincerity."

Nicole is so awesome. I bet it doesn't hurt that she is reportedly in a relationship with Country singer Keith Urban. Ok, I know it's country music (cringe), but he is a massive hunk with an Australian accent. I think I'm starting to like me a little country....
Source: People


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that picture with the tongue ... the FAKE chemistry. i can't even deal...

8:39 AM, November 21, 2005  

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