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It started years ago, when 11 year old Niki Yan living in China, watched her very first movie. That movie was Top Gun starring everyone's favorite couch jumper, Tom Cruise. On her website "marrytomcruisein30days," she calls herself a "little poor Chinese girl" and makes no secret of the fact that she is infatuated with Tom Cruise. Yan, who now lives in America, is hoping to publish "My Love For You Tom Cruise--A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession." This is the book she wrote that chronicles Cruise's impact on her life. On her website she claims to have legally changed her last name to Cruise and for the life of me, I can't tell if this girl is freakin' hilarious with a brilliant publicity stunt, or just a looney toon. When Cruise heard about her book, he invited her to go meet him on the set of MI3. Normally, I would think this was a big hoax, but I caught her on television last night and she seemed sweet, innocent, can barely speak English and probably has no idea what she would be getting herself into dreaming about the World of Cruise. But neither did Katie, right?

Niki is the author of 6 books, including three novels, her first published when she was 14 years old. "My Love For You Tom Cruise--A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession," will be her first book published in English. In celebration, I have chosen some of my favorite chapter names from the book to share with all of you:

Chapter 3: The first love letter-10 reasons why Tom has to love Niki Yan
4: Love poems for Tom
Chapter 6: Being a short Guy
Chapter 9: Niki Cruise
Chapter 12: My third letter to Tom (My longing for you)

Chapter 16: Naked Love - Love, Faith, Rock &Roll (Song Lyrics for Tom)
Chapter 17: From Lemon Chicken to Spaghetti

Chapter 24: How Tom met Niki on another Planet
Chapter 25: Celebrities, Gay and Rumor - Tell You a True Tom Cruise

Niki from PR Web:
"Tom Cruise to me is like Scientology to him -- Tom said how Scientology changed his life, and I want to tell him how much he changed my life. It's to do with determination, it's to do with faith and love. Tom Cruise made me believe that dream does come true. After the 'Top Gun,' and I started finding all his movies and his story -- it's just inspiring to me, he came from nothing, his father left them when he was in a young age, and he grew up poor but he never lost his hope. I love people like that, always positive. This book is about love, dream, and hope, it's about life. I want to show the world that the miracle does exist, it's all about the power of the mind. I used all my heart to tell this world my own story with Tom Cruise; it's touching, original and inspirational."


Anonymous ci said...

Wow! this is the funniest thing i've seen in a long time!

6:55 AM, November 04, 2005  

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