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Well, according to her ex Jonny Lee Miller she is... WITH HIM! Life & Style Weekly says that Jonny has been bragging around town that the two of them are still getting it on in secret. Brad's not going to be happy. BUT, remember this IS Life & Style Weekly, so take it all with a grain of salt!
According the the mag, Jonny was overheard talking to an "insider" at the MGM Grand U2 concert in Las Vegas on Nov. 5th, saying that he and ex-wife Angelina are "much more than friends" (ok, first B.S. warning, who can overhear ANYTHING at a U2 concert?). The "insider" also claims Jonny was allegedly overheard saying:
  • "Mr. Pitt has no idea who Angie really is. We love each other deeply and Mr. Pitt, I'm sure, doesn't know how much we love each other-or how often!" **what up with the "Mr. Pitt" reference?
  • That he and Angie were still very much lovers, that they had many secret rendezvous that Brad was completely unaware of and that when Brad found out, "he'd be destroyed," but that Jonny didn't care.
  • That "Angie believes in what she calls 'freedom of love.' She believes you should always be free to share your love with whomever you wish. That was something I had to learn to deal with and it's certainly going to become an issue for Mr. Pitt"
  • That he is planning to spend Christmas with Brad and Angelina in London. "It's a first husband meeting the next husband. I don't think Brad is going to like it, but Angie and I have only become closer since our divorce." He added, "If Angie and Brad marry, he's in for one hell of a ride. But when it fails, I'll be there to help her pick up the pieces."
When contacted, a rep for Jonny declined to comment.
Source: Life & Style Weekly


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