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I have found a kinship with the dear Gwyneth Paltrow. My friends often have laughed at me because I'm not into "the germs." You know how it is, basically flushing the toilets in public bathrooms with your foot and opening the public bathroom door handle with a paper towel. I'm sorry, but ALOT of people don't wash their hands after doing their business and I don't want any fecal-oral shit going on in my world. Yuck. Ok, so apparently my dear Gwyneth doesn't like "the germs" either and according to Star magazine, has been labeled a "germaphobe." Gwyneth is said to take her own hairbrush and comb to the hairdresser (egh! you gotta watch out for lice!), won't use public restrooms (I hear ya), and has even taken to scrubbing the bathtubs at hotels where she's staying (Ok, that's pushing it). Sources close to Gwynnie tell Star, "She's always been pretty clean-obsessed, but recently it's reached a whole new level." Adding that Paltrow insists that visitors take off their shoes at her house, she sometimes won't shake people's hands (with the freaks she meets, can ya blame her?), and she often asks people to use antibacterial soap before they touch her young daughter, Apple.
Anyone out there have any secret germaphobe habits they'd like to share?
Source: The Scoop


Anonymous jpfl said...

I'm also a 'foot flusher' and 'paper towel' opener, however, its starting to sound like she's getting a little to Howard Hughes.

7:36 PM, November 14, 2005  

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