Tabloid Whore!



Television producer Aaron Spelling (82) and his wife Candy are hitting back at their former home nurse Charlene Richards and suing her for defamation of character after she accused old man Spelling of sexual harassment and violated a confidentiality agreement she signed with Spelling in 2004. The Spellings are also suing Richards attorney as part of the lawsuit because the pair allegedly sent letters to "hundreds of people, including actresses on current and former Spelling television shows," implying Spelling sexually harassed Richards and other employees. Spelling denies all claims and seeks $5 million in compensatory damages. According to the lawsuit, Richards threatened to reveal confidential information about him unless he paid her "an unspecified amount" to settle her sexual harassment claims. Spelling's attorney Bertram Fields told the Associated Press, "she's asking for $30 million, which tells you something."
Hmmm....sounds like money grubbing extortion to me. Please! Aaron Spelling has got himself a pretty little wife and I doubt at his age, would even know how to sexually harass anyone. Give the poor man a break. This nurse sounds like another person trying to score money the easy way. Whatever!!
Source: AP


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