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Oh I'm so disgusted. That bitch Danielle Calo who claims she made out with Nick Lachey in Ohio a while back was interviewed on Extra. TMZ has a clip of it where they ask her to rate Nick's kissing on a scale of 1-10. Hoochie mamma can't even answer the question, probably because the bitch never kissed him! Ugh! If that was me, I'd be jumping up and down in my seat yelling "ten! ten! ten!" You can bet your booty I'll be watching this entire interview tonight. Who cares if she had a photo taken with him? I'm sure a zillion fans have photos with Nick. Apparently Extra asks her if she thinks she is responsible for the break up. I love it, why don't they go knocking on Johnny Knoxville or Bam Margera's door instead?
Plus, If you watched the interview, tell me what you think of this Danielle Calo. To see the short TMZ clip, click HERE
Also, watch more of the interview at EXTRA
Source:, EXTRA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way.

I'd only say yes if he was drunk out of his mind and figured, what the heck, i'm single "ish" now.

i would hope if he's going to get involved with someone else, he'll choose someone smart and wonderful.

Like me :)

5:15 PM, November 30, 2005  

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