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It's finally happening! After years of Letterman saying, "Uma, Oprah, Uma, Oprah" and his pleads for the talk show queen to appear on his program, Oprah Winfrey is finally going to appear on the Late Show, December 1st. She has not been a guest on Letterman since he moved over to CBS in 1993. Winfrey told Time magazine in 2003 that she wouldn't go on Letterman's show because she's been "completely uncomfortable" as the target of his jokes. So what finally got Ms. O to make nice and come on over to the Ed Sullivan Theatre? Well, her appearance coincides with opening night of the Broadway musical "The Color Purple," which she is producing. How convenient! Hey, whatever works, whatever works.
"What a big night that is going to be — not only for us, not only for Oprah, but for Broadway," Letterman said. "You have the big `Color Purple' Broadway opening, and then right across the street here in this theater, you have Oprah appearing here. I mean, that's what Broadway is all about — it's a street of dreams." "This just gives you an idea of what a big, big star this really is," Letterman said on Monday. "She's huge. Put bygones behind us, the water under the bridge, over the dam, wherever water goes — standing in your basement — she's going to be here on this show and it's going to be fantastic."
Oprah has also tried to make peace with Dave in the past and invited him to appear on her show, but he too declined the offer and said in true Letterman form, "Here's what would happen: I would go on the `Oprah' show, and I would break down and sob like a little girl ... I don't want to have that happen. "I'd feel ridiculous. I'd never be able to live that down, that Oprah would make me sob."
Oh I soooo love David Letterman, no one makes me laugh like him! I can't wait to see them together. This is going to be great.
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