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"You must never do a magazine cover without me or admit that my sister is now controlling your PR"

Last we heard, Katie Holmes dumped her longtime publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick in favor of Tom Cruise's sister Lee Anne DeVette. But apparently, De Vette's office is denying they have anything to do with Katie's PR. Leave it to Radar's Fresh intelligence to dig up the dirt. A source close to Katie confirms that "Lee Anne has been secretly handling Katie for months. They just won't publicly admit it. Tom doesn't want Katie doing her own publicity," the source continued. "He expects all her photo shoots and interviews to be joint ventures that include him. He loves the attention. When The Last Samurai came out, Tom was literally begging to get magazine covers and no one wanted him because he's too old and he didn't sell. Since the affair with Katie, he's gotten multiple covers from People and Us and he's talking about doing covers for Vanity Fair, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Elle to promote MI3."
Ha! Everyone thought Katie was with Tom to help HER career...seems like quite the turnaround, no? Radar adds: Hollywood insiders speculate Team Cruise has kept DeVette's involvement secret in an attempt to dampen rumors that Holmes has become utterly dependent on the star Scientologist. "It's really just another way of controlling her," says a friend of the actress. "But I don't even think they need to at this point. She doesn't talk to anyone besides Tom and his people anymore, and she didn't have that many friends to begin with." How sad.


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