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Tom Cruise told Barbara Walters in her upcoming '10 Most Fascinating People' special airing Tuesday, Nov 29th 10pm, that he and Katie Holmes will wait until the baby is born before tying the knot. He said they are planning a wedding ceremony for next summer or early autumn, but they're yet to set a date. I don't know how much I believe him. First off, we know that Katie's parents are strict Catholics and they probably will be none too pleased having their grandchild born out of wedlock. Also, this is the perfect way for him and Katie to keep the real wedding secret and not have all the press ruin their wedding day. It's also a longshot, but maybe Katie wants to wait because she doesn't want to be all big and pregnant in her wedding gown. She should have thought of that before she let Cruise pull out the 'ol turkey baster!
On a really strange creepy note, Cruise has also said that he bought his own sonogram machine so he can follow the baby's progress. After the baby is born, Cruise plans to donate it to an undisclosed maternity ward (the machine, not the baby). Ok, so tell this as weird as I think it sounds? I just have this visual of Cruise setting up a delivery room in his home next and all the Scientology people circling around Katie while she is giving birth.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD. First of all, too many sonograms IS NOT good for the baby. Although the risk to the baby due to sonogram is very low, research has shown that too much exposure could be harmful.

OK, don't take drugs but let me expose the unborn child.

And yes my dear sweet TW, it is weird!!!! Not wierd that he'd want to follow the babies progress, all parents wish they could do that, but to actually buy a machine. Way too controlling, odd and creepy.

I feel bad for that totally unaware Katie.

12:45 PM, November 23, 2005  
Anonymous Sean Osman said...

While I agree with you that Tom Cruise is batshit insane and should never be cast in another movie ever again, I totally think this is being blown out of proportion.

Also, I think the people who are saying that this is "illegal" and "irresponsible" and "a potential harm to the fetus" are dumb. It's sound waves, mother fuckers. He's not shooting gamma rays full of cocaine and prescription drugs into her stomach. The only way he's going to hurt the baby is if he trips on a free stress test and jabs her in the uterus with the sonogram wand.

If I were dirt rich, I'd be sonogramming my pregnant wife, too. "Look! It's a baby!" That would be pretty cool. As it stands right now I'm just going to have to get by on sucking the breast milk out of her nipples, and being happy that we're not using a condom.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe sonograms are really loud for the baby. Maybe the baby is going to be handing out Dianetics books in sign language for the rest of his life. But I doubt it.

11:33 AM, December 05, 2005  

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