Tabloid Whore!



That loser failed American Idol contestant Corey Clark is so pathetic. I wish he would just go away. The National Enquirer recently received an anonymous call (which reeks of Clark) saying they had photos of Clark and Paula Abdul getting down and funky during a "romantic weekend" at the Ojai Valley Inn. Of course the anonymous caller added that Clark would be more than happy to talk on the record about the encounter. When the Enquirer looked at the photos, they could see that the woman was obviously not Abdul and was some skanky hoochie mamma instead. How sad. I always believed that Paula was naughty and did have the affair with Clark, but now, I am starting to think otherwise. I wish Paula would sue his greasy bad haired ass for defamation of character. Oh, and for those of you who are fans of Corey Clark, you can buy his new CD on for $1.19.
Source: Page Six


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