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Oh that Christian Slater. He used to be so cute in the Gleaming the Cube and Pump Up The Volume days, but now in his old age he is just a wierdo. A few months back he was accused of grabbing some old ladies rear and the latest is that he fell off of Paris Hilton's roof during a party. The party took place at her house in West Hollywood mind you, not in her pants. Yahoo News reports the following:
At the time of his fall, the True Romance star was said to be peering over the edge of the roof to peek at some of Hilton's neighbors who were complaining about the noise generated by the bash. He fell one story and landed in some bushes and escaped relatively unscathed--except for, we presume, a wounded sense of pride. Though sources told the New York Post that police used a Taser gun to remove Slater from his rooftop perch, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department denied that version of events. "He was not injured, not hurt, not arrested," LAPD Sergeant Karen Leong told the Post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I LOVED him in Untamed Heart. I just fell in love. And I met him once, years ago, and he is so darned cute.

What a shame he is such a whack job.

3:53 PM, November 01, 2005  

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