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Geeez! Enough with the soccer games already! A few weeks ago Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came out of hiding and made an appearance (with her big belly) at Tom Cruise's kids soccer game. Since then, Katie has been spending every. single. weekend. going to the stinkin' games. Cruise was nowhere in site the past of couple weekends, but Katie was there to pass out orange wedges to all the kids. Word is she text messages Tom every time his daughter Isabella scores a goal (this is way too cutesy, give me a break!). OK, it's nice and all, but I think she's taking this "stepmom" thing a bit too far cuz it makes me involuntarily gag whenever I see a new picture (and I LOVED Kate!). Not to mention, where the hell is Nicole Kidman during all of this??! Hello??
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kids are with Cruise now because he has custody, they were with their mother as she had custody until a few weeks ago so it is Daddy's turn. They will be back with her soon. I think it is nice that they make sure the kids don't feel that they are being left out and it is nice for Katie to try and build a relationship with them. I just wish they would stop putting them under the spotlight so much, when they are with their mother, things are done away from paparazzi lenses, you rarely see Kidman candids. The sentiment is nice but it puts the kids under unwarranted scrutiny, I haven't seen many celebs putting their kids under the limelight so much.

10:56 AM, November 16, 2005  

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