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Page Kennedy, the actor who plays Caleb, the guy locked in Betty Applewood's (Alfre Woodard) basement on Desperate Housewives has been fired for improper conduct, says a show spokeswoman. Kennedy was let go Friday after a "thorough investigation by the studio" of the allegations against him. Specific details were unavailable, publicist Janet Daily said. The alleged misconduct didn't involve another cast member, a source close to the production said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Kennedy told the AP that "Desperate Housewives," among the top-rated series with about 25 million viewers weekly, represents "the biggest exposure I'll have gotten." He lauded Woodard as his favorite actress, and said the rest of the cast "has been so sweet and nice to me." The role of Caleb is being recast and Kennedy's last airdate will be Sunday.
Source: AP


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