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Ha! I knew it! Take THAT all you stinkin' haters!!
Straight from the mouth of Radar online:
Gossip industry insiders say the recent slurs on the sanctity of the Simpson-Lachey marriage are retaliation for the starlet’s ill-advised exclusive contract with OK! magazine.The $200,000, 2-year devil deal, set up in August by her gossip-column feeding stage dad, Joe Simpson, reportedly locked the Dukes of Hazard starlet into a six-cover commitment, and prohibited her from giving other tabs feature-worthy access—making a lot of cheesecake-hungry editors angry. Us Weekly, a formerly pro-Jessica rag and repository of Joe-Simpson-planted items, went for the jugular with this week’s "SPLIT!"cover story, which pins blame for the couple’s troubles solely on Jessica. The roundly denied “scoop” was far from exclusive, however—Life & Style carries essentially the same story, but with better detail, including an anecdote about Simpson breaking down in tears on an American Airlines flight post-breakup. READ MORE...


Anonymous ci said...

What if they're just issuing denials so that OK can get the scoop on the divorce?

10:02 AM, October 07, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

If that's the case, nick and jessica would look pretty stupid, since it wouldn't be a "scoop." Having an exclusive interview with Jessica after the divorce news would be a scoop...not some old rumor that has been going around for months, so why would she deny a break-up. Doesn't make sense to me, but I guess we will wait and see. I'll make sure to ask the kids Nick and Jessica what's going on, we are all having a macaroni and cheese dinner together tonight at Kings in Calabasas!

10:59 AM, October 07, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

plus, it sounded like the whole part of the Radar story was to show that the tabs are pissed b/c of jessica's exclusive rights with OK! So, they put the story out to start trouble more than anything. Star, US, and Life & Style same cover, same week? Fishy! :)

11:03 AM, October 07, 2005  

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