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Can you blame him?

Even though I despise that slut Paris Hilton and hate when I am forced to do posts on her skanky ass, I had to share one more thing I read today. You know that super tall giant man Stavros Niarchos Ashlee Olsen has been dating? Well, according to Page Six, Hilton has set her sights on stealing Mary-Kate's boy, which I'm sure will do wonders for MaryKate's already fragile self image. Hide the coke people, she may be heading for a relapse! Spy's for Page Six saw Hilton and Niarchos together Friday night at Spider Club in L.A. and that the two "made out all night and closed the place down." The next night, the couple was at Element with Paris' sister Nicky. Paris "tried to get the club to turn the lights down so no one could see her and Stavros make out." "She also got the club to clear out the bathrooms for her and her friends so that no 'fans' would be in there with her." Well, at least this time she didn't pee all over the floor like the dog that she is! "Bitch" never had so many meanings where Paris is concerned!


Anonymous jpfl said...

Mary Kate really needs a stylist- i'm so tired of the big babby clothes and the eyeglasses that are bigger than her lollipop head. I hope Promises in Malibu has a room ready- it's only a matter of time.

6:44 AM, October 05, 2005  

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