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Fear not all you Brooke and Lucas fans, One Tree Hill's executive producer Mark Schwahn has confirmed to E! Online's Watch With Kristin that the recent break-up of Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush will not, I repeat, will NOT affect the Brooke and Lucas storyline as the writers are already breaking out the sixteenth episode of the season. Phhhheeew! What a relief! Oh how I love those two. Although, who knows how season three starts off....Lucas and Peyton DID spend the whole summer together while Brooke was away in the O.C. (gulp). Oh yah, and we'll get to find out if Lucas and Nathan's jackass father Dan burned to a crisp (cross your fingers!!). Click here for Kristin's One Tree Hill season three sneak peak Q&A with executive producer Mark Schwahn.

Here's what's going down tonight on the first episode: "LIKE YOU LIKE AN ARSONIST"
Season Premiere Wednesday, Oct 5 8/7c
Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) awaits Brooke's (Sophia Bush) return to Tree Hill after a summer spent with Peyton (Hilarie Burton.) Peyton investigates the mysterious woman who claims to be her mother while Nathan (James Lafferty) must deal with Haley's (Bethany Joy Lenz) reappearance at the same time as the fire at Scott Motors. Dan's (Paul Johansson) fate after the fire is revealed.


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