Tabloid Whore!



Don't forget everyone, Ashlee Simpson is back to perform on SNL tonight. Make sure to tune in because it's going to be a good show no matter what. But c' you really think she's gonna lipsync this time? Not gonna happen, no matter how bad the reflux is. Also, cutie John Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite is hosting, so that is guarenteed laughs. I for one hope Ashlee does great. Yah, so what if I tend to root for the underdogs instead of just jumping on the bandwagon and bashing them (Paris, that does not include you!!), so shoot me! Other than that, it looks like it will be a slow weekend for gossip after this crazy, crazy week. That's ok, we all need a break to get back to our lives and the real world. Tonite, Los Angelinos are getting their GreenDay on, bringing down the house at the Home Depot Center in stinky 'ol Carson. No lip syncing there. Yippee!


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