Tabloid Whore!



Oh dear. I knew this would happen. Katie Holmes' Catholic daddy is pisssssed off that Tom Cruise knocked up his baby girl before getting her to the alter. According to Life & Style Weekly, Martin Holmes is upset about Katie's pregnancy and also her involvement in that crack-pot Scientology religion. The magazine quotes a close friend of the family saying “Tom had promised her parents that they would do the right thing and get married before any baby came along.” They are also said to be extremely worried about the whole Scientology connection, “It seemed like Katie was being controlled by Scientologists,” the friend told L&S. “Now they wonder if it’s a Rosemary’s Baby situation, where Katie is being groomed to provide Tom with a child.” After a very heated discussion with Katie, her daddy told Cruise, “You’re no good.” The source added that “He said he and his wife were very upset by the news and demanded the pair get married quickly.”

Go Katie's Daddy! I hope he also told Tom, "my daughters name is Katie, not Kate you son-of-a-bitch!!!!" The creep factor just continues as the days pass. Apparently Cruise's sister/publicist Lee Anne DeVette also sent a letter to the parishioners at Holmes' family church asking them not to talk to reporters. Can you believe the nerve of that lady??! I wish Katie's family could do one of those undercover missions where they all dress in black, get in a van and kidnap her in the middle of the night. Freakin' Cult!! Keep talking Pappa Holmes!!! We got your back!! MSNBC


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