Tabloid Whore!



Geesh! Every single post I have done today has been on a pregnant celebrity...I apologize for that. Maybe if Hollywood would stop getting knocked up (especially out of wedlock!) we would have some better stories, but right now the preggers are dominating the headlines. I love Jennifer Garner, she is adorable...look at these pictures floating around of her and ex-BF Michael Vartan during a recent shoot for Alias. I don't watch the show (shocker, I know!) but unless their characters are partaking in a Kaballah wedding, it looks like it's some dream sequence by the way they are all in white. His character is dead as a door knob on the show, no? Damn, that Vartan is so cute. Oh! I almost forgot to write about why I posted these pictures...just look how uncomfortable and tight lipped that kiss is between the exes. Jen does not want Ben to get upset. Also, look how big she is! That baby better be popping out any day now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby?!? It looks more like Babies!!! She's got a couple of buns in that oven.

12:58 PM, October 21, 2005  

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