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Can J.D. Fortune cut it as newly crowned lead singer of INXS? Well, we're about to find out. Today INXS announced the itinerary for the world tour they were pimping all during Rockstar:INXS. The first leg of INXS' Switched On tour will commence Jan. 18 in Vancouver and travel to theaters in more than 20 cities across North America before wrapping up on Feb. 18 in Washington, D.C. Tickets go on sale the week of October 15th.
They plan on releasing their first album with Fortune, Switch, on Epic Records Nov. 29. Someone might want to tell INXS to change their website as Michael Hutchence is still listed/pictured as lead singer and Fortune just has a tiny picture with the band on the front page (yikes, hopefully they are just waiting for the new record to come out.) On an exciting note, INXS has secured
Marty Casey and his band, the Lovehammers, as their opening band. According to the Chicago Tribune, the 32-year-old Chicago-based Casey is currently working on new material and plans to play the track "Trees," which he debuted to much acclaim on Rock Star.


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