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So, I was all set to be The Carver from Nip/Tuck for Halloween. I searched everywhere for my white mask, I perfected my Carver head tilt, and then...I painted The Carver's infamous lips and eyebrows onto the mask. That is where the trouble began. I put the mask on and to my horror (and not in a good way), I looked in the mirror and staring back at me was something more along the lines of Kabuki than Carver. It wasn't scary. Since it made people laugh instead of scream I had to change my costume plans and be a lady pimp instead. It may not be a scary costume like I hoped, but I got a myself a big ass rimmed zebra hat and plenty o' bling. Holla!
Speaking of Nip/Tuck...tomorrow night's episode is going to be fantastic. My girl Anne Heche is going to be on for a few episodes where she is set to be transformed into mob socialite. The twist to it (and a brilliant one at that) is that she'll start off the episode with dark hair and a fake nose, teeth and lower lip then goes under the knife for a cosmetic disguise and ends up looking like the real Anne Heche. Anne is said to be thrilled to be on the show and says, "They turn me into me." Also, look for her character to get romantic with Sean.
Tune in! Anne is the best!


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