Tabloid Whore!



Something weird went down at a T-Mobile party Tuesday night. Actress Rose McGowan from WB's Charmed was handcuffed by security and escorted out of the party. The New York Daily News is reporting that McGowan was "on the dancefloor of The Vanguard club when she was doing something with her keys tha caused security guards to surround her. They grabbed McGowan, searched her purse and showed her out the door." Huh? Say What? I wanna know what the hell was so doing with her keys that would cause her purse to be searched? McGowan's reps have a slightly different version of events. "There was a man standing uncomfortably close to her. When she asked him to move away, words were exchanged. It happened he was a security guard. She was handcuffed and taken outside." The Rep says McGowan "was detained," but police were not called. Hmmm....something's fishy. Sounds like a piece is missing from this puzzle. New York Daily News


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