Tabloid Whore!



So, I saw Katie Holmes on Access Hollywood last night at a Rock 'n Republic fashion show (love their jeans!) and she is dang happy about being preggers, plus she looks all glowy happy and shit. Katie said, "I feel great, (being pregnant) is so beautiful. I've never been so happy. ... I'm beaming." It makes me really sad because she did look soooo happy and gorgeous and I really wish I could believe in her and Tom Cruise's relationship. Damn, I am one of the lone people out there still rooting for & believing in Nick and Jessica. There are so many unhappy, divorcing or fighting celebrity couples and the one seemingly (to use T&K's favorite word) "amazing!" one has to be heavily rumored to be a sham. Oh well. Katie also said that her and Tom don't have a wedding date yet because there is so much excitement going on. I highly doubt that because we know daddy Holmes would not stand for that, but I don't blame her for not saying anything to the press..duh! Although, she did say her and Tom have started to work on a baby room and said excitedly, "I'm learning how to knit!" O.K. now that was a bit cliche and scripted if you ask me. What's up with this myth about learning to knit when you are pregnant? I hate that! I'd be out buying up Baby Juicy all over town, not sitting on my ass knitting booties. ACCESS HOLLYWOOD


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