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"And I can trade thisssss for an Ethiopian baby too!"
Just days after her ex boyfriend Jack White announced he and his wife Karen Elson are expecting their first child, Renee Zellwegger allegedly wants to get her hands on a baby herself. Female First reports that Renee, desperate to have children, has contacted Angelina Jolie for tips on how to get herself the latest Hollywood accessory, a little orphaned Ethiopian baby. Zellwegger and Jolie now are reportedly planning a girls getaway trip to Ethiopia so Zellwegger can pick out her very own orphan. A source at the country's state-run adoption agency said: "Renee still has to meet the same ten conditions as everybody else. "The main two are that she's financially secure and law-abiding."


Blogger JP said...

I repeat the same comment that I put on any Renee entry: "Are you frikkin kidding me?"

10:17 PM, October 11, 2005  

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