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Meh. I was pretty uninspired by last night's Laguna Beach. The question of the night, "how do you play the game?" Most nice girls, like LC for example, don't know shit about playing the game. But as we saw last night, girls like Kristin could win gold medals. Who will come out the winner in the end is anyone's guess. Poor pathetic Jessica finally has a new boy who actually calls her and then that hoochie mamma man stealing Kristin moves in on him! Kristin and Alex H (not to be mistaken with Alex M. aka the poor man's Kelly Clarkson) had a little "Fiesta" party and things got a bit out of control. One thing I realized is that the kiddies in Laguna Beach need to stay away from The Drink. Especially Kristin. First she kissed Jessica after drunkenly consoling her about missing Jason (enough already! He's a tool!) and then she shared a lollipop with and kissed Jessica's new crush Jeff. O.k., um, who else thought he looked like he was about 14 years old? Is he a Freshman or something? He looked like a cute kid, but I didn't understand the attraction considering he seemed as though he should be in Jr. High. Oh wait, the attraction was that he was Jessica's crush! Silly me! But really, I was disappointed in Kristin and her choice to make out with junior considering what her "friend" Jessica has been through with that dumb ass Jason lately. The next morning when all the girls were at breakfast and Jessica was talking about how much she liked Jeff, you could just read Kristin's mind as she thought, "uh oh! ooopsie daisy! I made out with him!" What ever happened to that "unspoken rule" that you don't go after the boys your friends like, Kristin? At least the whole incident got Jessica and Alex M to strangely bond and Taylor to tell Jessica that she is "pretty on the outside and also gorgeous on the inside!" where in her opinion, Kristin is lacking. By the end of the episode we see that Jeff may actually be the first guy not to fall into Kristin's web when he tells Jessica he is gonna teach her to surf. To quote Jessica, "awwwww....ya think?"

My girl L.C. was on this episode and she was heading up to San Francisco for a trunk show with Three Dots. All the clothes! All the clothes! I have to ask, what up with that weird friend with two toned face and neck that was with her while she packed for her trip? Why did we have to see her and their fake conversation? Oh how I miss Lo! So on to SF, where of course she met up with Stephen, who now I just roll my eyes at. I wish he would just stop leading her on with the questions about how they would be if they had ever had a real relationship. Stephen is obviously not ready to handle a real relationship with LC or any mature woman as he prefers to obsess over the girl who cheated on him and is a bitch to him. Go figure. I'm so over it and want LC to meet someone really amazing and cuter than Stephen. Anyway, it looks like a set up for Laguna Beach 3 was being teased, LC, Stephen and Kristin ALL moving to Los Angeles?! Oh the drama! Just throw Lo into the mix too and I'll be happy.


Blogger Kristi said...

That girl with LC made a few appearances last season, and was in the first episode this season at that party at Lo's (I think the party was there?). She's the one who didn't know how to do laundry.

As for Jeff, is he the one who went to Winter Formal with Alex H.? If so then that boy is making the rounds.

Is there going to be a season 3? God I hope so.

2:18 PM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Wow, you are good. I never would have remembered that she was the dingbat who didn't know how to do laundry. I'm not sure about Jeff, I remember who you are talking about from the winter formal, but I feel like that guy was more pretty boy and this one is just little boy. :)

2:45 PM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger Kristi said...

Yes, it's sad I remember half of that. I love the show, maybe a little too much... lol

It'll be interesting to see what develops with our favorite spoiled rich kids next week. Maybe that episode will be more eventful.

4:20 PM, October 04, 2005  

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