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Dude looks pretty happy to me.

Argh! I take one day off from this blog to have some fun and a zillion stories break! So, everyone has been waiting for the lovely Chris Klein to break his silence about his ex Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend and baby daddy Tom Cruise. Acces Hollywood is reporting that Details magazine spoke with Chris recently about the break-up, why it happened, his thoughts on Tom and how he's doing now.
Chris explained to Details magazine, the relationship ended in March for one simple reason."We grew up," Chris explained. "The fantasy was over, and reality set in. We weren't lighting each other’s fire anymore."And, according to Brian Farnham, Detail’s deputy editor, the two haven't spoken since."They have no contact," Brian said. "There was a rumor going around that she had been calling him but that turned out not to be true. They really broke it off completely." Chris said he is living well and not looking back, telling Details: "I'm not lonely. I'll tell you that, I'm certainly not crying myself to sleep at night sucking my thumb. No, Dude, I’m out and about." As for Tom's couch-hopping antics, Chris was realistic."...that's Tom. He can do whatever the f*** he wants. Who gives a s***? I mean, we've all felt the need to jump up and down on a couch. Or not!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Chris that harming innocent sofas is never a "need." :)

Poor Katie. CM sounds sorta scatterbrained. Tom's just plain crazy. Intervention time!!

9:14 PM, October 13, 2005  

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