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Man let out a collective cheer across the country this morning when Lloyd Grove's Daily News column ran excerpts from Dennis Rodman's new book I Should Be Dead Right Now about Carmen Electra's bedroom antics. Rodman, who was married to Electra for a glorious 8 days, claims that his ex wife (who is now happily married to Dave Navarro) allegedly screamed out during their first romp in a Toronto hotel room, in 1998, "Take it, n-! Go ahead, take it!" "This is yours! Yours!" Um, ew. Unfortunately, there is more. Remember the incident back in November 1999 when Carmen & Dennis both got arrested in Miami after some big fight together? Rodman now claims in his book the reason for the fight was because Electra had "tried to insert a large piece of uncooked penne pasta into her husband while he slept." Whaaat?!! When contacted by the Daily News, Electra responded, "I am saddened for Dennis that he felt he had to write a book like this, I think he has me confused with some of the girls he cheated on me with." You know it Carmen. That Dennis Rodman is such a gross, ugly, disgusting scum...he should be down on his knees thanking his lucky stars that a gorgeous girl like Carmen ever let him touch her. I wonder about the pene pasta part though...who can come up with shit like that? Not to mention, will we ever be able to put a piece of penne pasta in our mouth again without thinking of Rodman's ass? Thanks a lot you bastard! Some things are better off unsaid, not to mention, kept behind the bedroom door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!
Ah, and to think I used to love Penne pasta. Now all I'll have is a bad visual of Rodman's bootay.E u!!

10:47 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger catlebrity said...

That Candies ad is great!

For an even more disturbing visual, see:

2:17 AM, October 11, 2005  

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