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When you are a TV junkie you tend to get excited at anything and everything TV. Even the little things, namely, the fancy ass new design of the TV Guide that hit the streets and mailboxes today. It's bigger, it's glossier and it has much more scoops & gossip. Being the huge Nip/Tuck fan I am, you can imagine my sheer delight when I opened it up and saw a big, beautiful picture and interview with the one and only Julian McMahon who plays Nip/Tuck's hunkalicious Dr. Christian Troy. McMahon talked a bit about Nip/Tuck season 3 and what it's like playing the hottest doctor in television history. If you saw the previews for next week (warning, may contain spoilers!), you know that Christian is accused of being the Carver by his dear old former threesome partner Detective McGraw. I for one, am going absolutely nuts trying to figure out who the damn Carver is. One week I think it's a woman with a dildo, the next week I think it's something crazy like Shawn. Who the hell knows. According to series creator Ryan Murphy, we are going to have to wait for the final seconds of the last episode of the season to get our answer. Tuesday's episode will also introduce Christian's mother, played by Kathy Baker, whom Christian has never seen or met. He learns that his father is in prison for raping several women, including his mother (sounds a little Freddy Kruegerish to me.) This leads Detective McGray to the assumption that Christian must be like his father, but taking it to the next level, a serial killer. Woooh! Great theory, but do ya think they're really gonna give it away so early in the season?

When talking about filming his over the top sex scenes, McMahon recalls filming eight in one day, a record he has yet to break. It looks like the fun isn't going to end anytime soon as he revealed to TV Guide that producer Lyn Greene told him "some really out-of-control stuff is about to happen in the next couple episodes. I'm looking forward to it." We can only wonder what that could mean. If playing a character like Christian Troy wasn't enough, McMahon has to deal with his alter ego spilling into his personal life in the oddest, most surprising ways. "It's freaky how many women know you. They're very willing to come up and do whatever they feel is necessary," says McManon. "I've had people just come up and grab me" [casts his eyes down towards his lap, looks back up and chuckles] People think I am this horny Christian Troy character, just standing around trying to get laid every five seconds." Huh? Me? Who? Wha? I don't know who these people are that he's talking about. For the complete Q&A with Julian McMahon, check out the Oct 17th issue of TV Guide. And i'll see ya next Tuesday night, Christian.


Blogger willam said...

Nip/Tuck rocks!
(so does your blog)
p.s. this is the pissing tranny from Matt's bad date two episodes ago.

2:38 PM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

NO! Are you serious???? Don't you be kidding about that Willam! I felt so bad for that pissing tranny!!! Awesome job! That particular episode was too intense for me...I think the part where they circled Matt and unzipped their pants pushed me over the edge (watching it with one hand over my eyes). I thought a lot worse was going to happen to him and I was thanking the stars above that all that he got was pissed on and beat up. He did deserve it, I will say that. Thanks so much for reading my blog!!! :-)

7:11 PM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger willam said...

when a girls gotta go, she's gotta go.
happy blogging!

10:14 PM, October 14, 2005  

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