Tabloid Whore!



The latest issue of The National Enquirer had a story from gossip columnist Mike Walker claiming that my boy Robert Blake just made a very hush-hush deal and bought Vitello's restaurant (you remember, the place where Bonny Lee Bakley ate her last meal with Blake and then got murdered afterwards a block away). Walker said that the restaurant would be pushed as the centerpiece for a new reality TV show. Brilliant idea, huh? Go have dinner at Vitello's, have chats with Bobby while he serves you cappuccino and cannolis? I would live for that. Anyway, apparently The damn National Enquirer got it completely wrong and the actual owner of Vitellos, Matt Epstein, is pretty pissed off. "They're not true statements!" Epstein told the Daily News, "As far as I know, I own the place. C'mon, basic journalism, verify the facts! All they had to do was pick up the phone and call me. There's no one buying the place." When asked about the story, Peter Ezzell, Blake's attorney in the civil case being heard in Los Angeles Superior Court in Burbank said, "I have no idea where the National Enquirer would have gotten that idea, but then again, I don't have any idea where they get any of their so-called news. He doesn't have the funds to do it even if he wanted. We're running on empty now, so the last month of this trial will be my pro bono work for the year." DAILY NEWS.


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