Tabloid Whore!



Oh Amber Frey. Lovely hardluck Amber Frey. The Daily News is reporting that Amber apparently mixed up who the baby daddy to her adorable four year old daughter Ayina was. Since the child was born, 29-year old hairstylist Anthony Flores was told by Frey he was the babies father and even paid some child support. Recently, when Flores was fighting for visitation rights and Frey refused to let him see Ayina, he told the court he wanted a paternity test. You know what's coming next...just like a great episode of "Maury," Flores was told, "uhh uh! You ain't this baby daddy!" Who's the father? Well, in a perfect tabloid world the father would be Scott Peterson, but since she already had this baby when she met Peterson, we'll have to settle on the father being a man named Christopher Finch in the good 'ol town of Frezzy Frez. Finch owns a nightclub named "Porky's." Enough said. Hey Gloria! Why don't you hop in front of the cameras now!


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