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Oh lordy, lordy...just like American Idol did by resurrecting talent shows, that damn Dancing With The Stars has fueled a "let's see celebrities act Just Like US!" trend. Fox has announced "Skating With Celebrities," you guessed it....celeb's a ice-skatin' with professionals. The once popular celeb's participating include: Todd Bridges (I always love seeing Willis Jackson!), Dave Coulier (so sad, so washed up....wasn't doing The Surreal Life enough?), Bruce Jenner (ok, even though he did "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here," he was an athlete, so he might have a chance. Not to mention all that plastic surgery makes me sad for him), Kristy Swanson (now they're really scraping at the bottom of the she ain't no Sarah Michelle Geller!), Deborah Gibson (girl cannot seem to crawl her way out of her career being over. Tried Playboy, tried Broadway, tried being a judge on that horrible AI rip-off show who's name I can't remember, nothing seems to work), and lastly, my early morning news girl and fashion icon Jillian Barberie (the only person aside from Willis Jackson that I am looking forward to seeing. Go Jill!!). Professional skaters will include: Nancy Kerrigan (will she smile?), Tai Babilonia and Kurt Browning. Where is Tonya Harding, I ask?? You know she would bring in viewers (My lace broke! My lace broke!). Other ice skaters I would love to see include my all time favorite Tara Lipinkski or the lovely Michelle Kwan. Even though I am making fun of this show, I will soooo be watching it. Awww yeah!


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