Tabloid Whore!



Attention: For all of you who thought that Juliette Lewis was a former coke addict, you are incorrect sir *snicker.* Lewis got a little pissed off at a fan during a recent webchat when he innocently asked about her previous involvement with drugs..."Now you have kicked your drug addiction, what do you spend your cash on?" Lewis, with all her class and charm responded, "What a stupid question! I did have a drug addiction 10 years ago, but it was never a cocaine addiction so it doesn't follow that I necessarily spent loads of money on it. I did do drugs, but cocaine was just not the drug of choice (um, ok, what was it then? The Heroin? The Crack? The Crank? or The Ice?) And anyway, I'm only really little so I actually didn't consume that many drugs. I never needed much so it was quite a cheap habit! Drug addiction costs much more in how it corrupts the soul than in how it corrupted my bank account." Easy! Easy, Juliette! And denial ain't just a river in Egypt either sister! No seriously, even though I think Juliette Lewis is a complete looney toon, there is something about her that I like. She's like a car crash y'know, you're driving by but you just can't help peeking at it out of the corner of your eye.


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