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VH1 has announced its cast for the Surreal Life 6! The celebrities stuck in a house together for 12 days trying not to rip each others hair out will include:
STEVE HARWELL of Smashmouth (the band that used to be kinda cool before they became movie soundtrack whores); the best Jefferson of them all, SHERMAN HEMSLEY; I used to be hot video chick and now I'm just a loony tune and husband beater TAWNY KITAEN; C.C. DEVILLE from Poison; Playboy TV's covergirl (and this season's who the hell is that? cast member) ANDREA LOWELL; MAVEN, Former champ of Tough Enough and the sanest of all the Arquette's, ALEXIS (this sibling only dresses like a girl). Cast members will also be auditioning a group of male reality stars to see who will get the last spot in the house as the "reality hunk."

Plus, the best part of the new cast is the addition of the fab special guest star FLORENCE HENDERSON, who is sane enough not to live in that crazy house, but will be popping by as the cast's full time and on-call therapist/advisor. We all saw how great she was when she tried to set the sweet Christopher Knight (otherwise known as Peter Brady) straight about that hoochie mamma Adrienne on My Fair Brady a few weeks ago. Too bad Dr. Flo wasn't around The Surreal Life house this season with Omarosa and Janice Dickenson, now that would have been good. We love Florence!

Slated to air on VH1 in January, the sixth season of "The Surreal Life," will see this brand new cast move through a maze of outrageous events including taking over a small market TV newscast, a music video shoot and yes, transforming into a hair metal band. Should be entertaining as always, I can't wait!


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