Tabloid Whore!



Oh Lord. I am not a fan of country music, I don't even know any songs by this Mindy McCready chick (apparently she had a hit in 1996 called "Guys Do It All The Time)...but what I do know is that I have read a ton of nightmarish stories about her the past few months. The latest in her saga is that early Friday the PREGNANT singer was hospitalized after overdosing on anti-depressants after a fight with the father of her unborn child and is now in fair condition. According to a police report, McCready, 29, and baby daddy William McKnight were arguing on the phone about whether his parents would help pay for the pregnancy. He cursed at McCready and she became angry and took about 30 antidepressant pills. In recent months McCready has been arrested for drunk driving, overdosed on drugs in another suicide attempt after learning she was pregnant, and was hospitalized earlier in the year after McKnight viciously beat and tried to kill her by punching her in the face and choking her. And that's just the Cliff's notes version. It's so sad because she has a little, innocent baby in her tummy. McCready was scheduled to appear on Oprah later this month. With this latest suicide attempt, who knows if she will make it. Let's hope, because that angel Oprah can work miracles!


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