Tabloid Whore!



Oh sweet Lord. Look at the delicious hunk that lovable loony-toon Paula Abdul snagged herself. Girl, you done good! See ladies, we can get rewarded with a gem after dealing with a real stinker (aka Corey Clark). Ms. Abdul has a new boyfriend, model Dante Spencer (stats: 6'2 and 30 years old, ladies! Holla!). Don't they make a beautiful couple?! I had fully intended to throw in my usual Paula jokes in this post, but I can't stop staring at the picture of them and how great they look together. I'm happy for Paula. You can only imagine the depths of how bad her life must have been going to get involved with creepy Corey. She deserves this hunk after she had to put up with all that crap from that skinny greaseball. Ew! We will no longer mention that slim anymore! Back to Mr. Dream man....Spencer confirms he and Abdul are an item and told People Magazine they met about three months ago Salsa dancing at L.A.'s Mood. "I saw her and went right up to her. Before I said one word she turned around and said 'who are you?' And it's been great ever since." That lucky bitch! If it could only be that easy for all us girls. Spencer also said that the relationship progressed slowly and they have been dating a month and a half. Let's hope this relationship works out for our girl Paula as she has NOT had good luck in love. Maybe now that she finally found help for that chronic neck pain she will be able to have have a good, happy, healthy relationship and not have to be all hopped up on the pain pills. Plus, she's gonna be in a good mood on that sham of a show American Idol this season and you know what that means....more dancing in her freakin' seat and trying to make out with Simon. Oh man, Paula Abdul 1) without chronic neck pain and 2) getting sexed up every night from hunky 6'2 model Dante Spencer? Watch out people...Paula's gonna be a brand new woman! Bye, bye, bitches!


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