Tabloid Whore!



Ms. Hilton shows off her favorite pose to the boys.

The 17 year old kid that hacked into that whore Paris Hilton's Sidekick has received 11 months in a juvenile detention center as punishment. I say don't lock him up, give him a gold star! Does the judge that sentenced him realize the entertainment and laughter this kid brought to millions of American's when we got to see Paris humiliated in public yet again? Apparently not! Who cares if a bunch of celebrities got prank phonecalls, Lindsay Lohan's bitchy text messages and Fred Durst creepy ones to Paris were exposed? It's all in good fun!

Aside from the Paris Sidekick hacking (which I totally condone because I hate her), this kid was actually a very bad boy. According to E! Online, charges against him also included "hacking into Internet and telephone service providers, stealing personal information and posting it on the Web, and making bomb threats to high schools in Florida and Massachusetts--all over a 15-month period." Um, not into the bomb threats to the highschools sweetheart. You should have just kept torturing Paris and we would have been ok.


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