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Oh yay! After what seemed like forever, Nip/Tuck is back Tuesday at 10pm on FX Networks for a brand new season! I have no doubt that this is going to be an amazing season and if you don't already watch, please start! I have some friends who say "ohhh I can't stand that surgery stuff, it grosses me out!" Well, toughen up people! It's all fake blood, guts and lipo juice, no worries! Plus, that's not even what they center the show around. According to TV Guide's "Rouse Rave" this is what the season premiere holds for us:

"Cutting-edge" barely describes the jaw dropping nerve of FX's Nip/Tuck as it returns for a third adults-only season of gripping sexual and psychological drama. Graphic and grotesque, yet at moments unexpectedly tender, the season opener explores the damaged psyche of playboy plastic surgeon Christian (Julian McMahon), a victim of serial slasher the Carver and the crumbling marriage of his partner, Sean (Dylan Walsh). The use of patient as metaphor is a bit much-in the opener, an obese woman is stuck to her couch (or, quoting her daughter, "trapped under the weight of your own fear")-but there is no more addictively provocative show on TV."

Tee-hee! "Adults only season!" You know what that means....Dr. Troy will be very, very, naughty! YES! I must admit that last season did not give us enough of the Christian Troy sex scenes fans had become accustomed to in Season One which was a little disappointing. Me and my friend would talk after the next week's previews and say, "It looks like we might get some Christian sex next week, woohoo!" So, I'm glad that Season 3 seems to be a bit more promising! Boys, to woo the ladies, take notes on Dr. Christian Troy. Oh! One other super exciting thing coming to Season 3 is my favorite actress Anne Heche!! (And no, I did not become a fan during the whole Ellen phase, we are talking Another World Vicky/Marley circa 1987 thank you very much!) The brilliant Ms. Heche recently told E! News, "I just joined Nip/Tuck for a little bit of their season. I can tell you that I come on and kind of wreak havoc with Dylan Walsh, so I'm very excited about that. I can tell you that they have transformed me to the point where you probably won't know it's me." Ohhhh! Could she be playing the fat lady stuck to her couch? Whatever she does, It's going to be great because she is an amazing actress! Yay! Nip/Tuck Season Three!


Anonymous I'm not Ellen Degeneres said...

Thank god for Christian Troy....and the sex scenes. They are going to be over the top this year-its going to spectacular.

Julian McMahon is perfection.

9:54 PM, September 19, 2005  

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